Turn your game on with Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony Tennis Sensor packaging

Sony Tennis Sensor

Tennis fans can now take advantage of recent innovations in smart, mobile technologies to help them reach their sporting goals. The Sony’s SSE-TN1W Smart Tennis Sensor will connect with your smart-device to make it easier than ever to track your tennis performance accurately. Analyse, review, share and compare your progress against concrete targets, keeping yourself motivated to continue your way towards your ace play.

The Ace up your sleeve

Sony partnered with top tennis manufacturer Wilson, as well as HEAD, Prince and YONEX to ensure a perfect fit of the smart tennis sensor with their sleek yet performance-driven rackets known to generations of players. Thanks to its sensing technologies and newly developed vibration analysis mechanics, it has never been easier to analyse your tennis performance. After charging the sensor, simply remove the racket logo cap, affix the attachment ring onto the grip end of the racket and place the tennis sensor onto the attachment ring. Turn on the sensor and start playing – the device will start recording a vast range of data such as number of shots, ball impact spot, swing type, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin.

At full charge, the SSE-TN1W will last 180 minutes[1] allowing you to analyse entire matches without having to recharge the device. You can review your shot data in real-time, or once your match has been concluded. Simply connect the tennis sensor to your smartphone or tablet[2] wirelessly to transfer and access the recorded data via the Smart Tennis Sensor app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play / App Store.  The app can record rallies and simultaneously display recorded video and shot metrics allowing you to associate the data to a specific part of your game or practice session.  You and your coach can also see your shot data live on a smart watch[3] as well as on your smartphone and tablet so you don’t have to leave the court to check it and get advice in real time.

Analyse, review and share your Game

The Smart Tennis Sensor app allows you to review recorded data in many ways. Look through your play overviews, analyse both current and historic data and set goals to track your progress over extensive periods of time.  By visualising the recorded data you will have a much better understanding of your strengths and points of improvement. You can even share your accomplishments with your friends by posting them onto social media services and show how fast you are improving your play! Read the rest of this entry

Wimbledon Mens Singles – The contenders


With the UK weather taking a turn for the better, and the days becoming longer and warmer, the focus of British sports is switching from football and rugby to the more genteel pursuits of the summer. Arguably the biggest event in the British summer sporting calendar is Wimbledon, and fans of Pimm’s and lemonade, and strawberries and cream will be counting down the days until the grass court grand slam returns to SW19. With less than two months to go before the big event, we look at the top contenders for the men’s singles crown and give our judgment on who looks most likely to be victorious come the final on 12th July.

Novak Djokovic

Current world number one Novak Djokovic will come into this year’s championship as defending champion having beaten Roger Federer in five sets. The 27-year-old has so far notched eight grand slam wins in his career, and the victory at Wimbledon 2014 was his second triumph in SW19. His previous win came in 2011 when he defeated defending champion Rafael Nadal in the final. Djokovic will be full of confidence going in to this year’s championship having already won the first Grand Slam of 2015, defeating Andy Murray in four sets at the final of the Australian Open back in February.

Djokovic is the complete player, his cool temperament, big serve, fitness and ability to produce the most punishing ground strokes sets him above some of his rivals. At a time when men’s singles tennis is arguably the strongest it has ever been, Djokovic is on top of the world and he deserves his place amongst the Wimbledon favourites. If he is in the mood at the end of June, it will take a huge effort from one of his rivals to prevent him from picking up another grand slam win. Currently on a run of three straight tournament wins, and having lost just two singles matches in 2015, Djokovic looks like he will, once again, be the man to beat at Wimbledon.

Roger Federer

Despite being 33 years of age, Switzerland’s Roger Federer remains an enduring presence at the top of the world rankings and he continues to make his mark on tournaments, winning two of his last four events, including defeating Novak Djokovic in the final of the ATP Dubai Duty Free Championships in March. Federer is a class act. His suave, sophisticated look is complemented by his graceful style of play. Like Djokovic, he makes very few mistakes and exudes an ice-cold exterior even in the most pressurised of situations.

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Nadal still the smart betting option for French Open


Photo by Carine06

He may have won nine of the last 10 French Open tournaments but there are still a lot of tennis fans who believe Rafael Nadal will not be the man to beat at Roland Garros this summer. A disappointing first third of 2015 has seen the Spaniard slip down to fifth in the rankings, his lowest position in two years, and there are a number of players heading into the second grand slam of the year in much better form than Nadal, not least Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic has continued his reign at the top of the world rankings after a sensational start to the year that included winning his fifth Australian Open title. The Serbian star knows that winning his first French Open crown this summer would complete a career slam of major titles, not to mention increase the belief he could complete a clean sweep of grand slams this year. The 27-year-old has twice been a beaten finalist in Paris, but there is little doubt Djokovic will arrive in France in the best form of his career and it is no surprise to see the Serb topping the betting odds ahead of Nadal with a lot of bookmakers as we edge closer to the second grand slam of 2015.

But despite all the talk dismissing the nine-time French Open champion, you would still be a brave soul to write off Nadal when it comes to betting on the tournament. A large number of those using a Betfair expert betting app such as Fairbot will definitely be taking advantage of the services provided to make sure they get it right when it comes to the French Open. Fairbot, for example, gives fans the chance to get the most out of the site’s services from the real-time price movement charts, market analysis, trading tools and all the important displays that punters need to have the complete betting experience.

Another Dominant Year for the Serbinator?


Djokovic off to a great start in 2015

One Grand Slam down, one win. 2015 has got off to a pretty regular start for Novak Djokovic, and following his 50th career title just a few days ago, life couldn’t be much better.

The Serb collected his fourth Indian Wells Masters trophy in California ahead of the Miami Open seeing off both Andy Murray and world number two Roger Federer in the final, in fairly hostile circumstances.

With a crowd well behind the Swiss superstar, and a battling Federer, Djokovic had to get over a second set blip to win the tie-break, and get his year off to the best possible start, and perhaps a season full of Grand Slams.

He told BBC Sport, “Nothing has been handed to me. I had to earn this, to fight for it with all the commitment to my everyday routine with my team. Hopefully I can use this confidence for the rest of the season. It’s a great start.”

And it certainly is. Bookies already have him as favourite for the US Open and Wimbledon in the tennis odds, and is second only behind Rafael Nadal for the French, although that’s hardly surprising. Read the rest of this entry

Kei Nishikori discusses Wilson Burn racquets

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Wilson Tennis to meet Kei Nishikori to discuss his new tennis racquet, the Wilson Burn. If you haven’t read it already, my Wilson Burn review is posted, check it out!

Not only did I get to meet Kei Nishikori and talk about his tennis racquet, I was able to participate in the Wilson Burn Challenge, an on court challenge where you compete against the world (more bout this later).

See below for a video of Kei talking about his Wilson Burn (transcript is just after the video)

Kei Nishikori talks about his Wilson Burn

Wilson Rep: Mr. Nishikori, I’ve noticed that this year you have changed your racquet. You were playing with the Steam and now you’re playing with the Burn. How do you like the new stick?
Kei Nishikori: I really like it. I mean, you can see my results already coming, ya know. I feel more power with this, um, Burn racquet. And, uh, yeah, I feel more power and speed. Which is the goodest thing about this racquet.

Wilson: What’s the process like when you test racquets with Wilson Labs?
Nishikori: It’s always exciting to try new racquets, you know? I tried, I asked [Wilson Tennis] a couple of things to create better racquets, and I tried a couple or more 10 20 racquets. Then we gonna talk a lot and then they’re going to make the final racquet.

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The Many Rackets Of Roger Federer


The beloved Swiss Maestro with his trusty 90 square inch Wilson ProStaff

They say a bad workman blames his tools, but yet when a good workman, say 17-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer wins, not one person mentions the racquet which has guided him to victory.

Since turning pro in 1998, the Swiss legend has remained firmly loyal to Wilson, the manufacturer of his racquet, and has certainly inspired many more to use the US brand. But how much have they evolved over the years Federer has been a pro?

Well, a considerable amount.

The brand are now one of the biggest brands in tennis, with not only Federer, but also the Williams sisters and Kei Nishikori use the brand, and have become some of the best equipment in the sport.

And with the 2015 season underway, we look at Federer’s racquets throughout the years as he looks to add to his Grand Slam collection, and finish the year back in the number one spot.

The Pro Staff 85 6.0 Mid-Production Chinese


Quite possibly the most recognizable tennis racquet ever…Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85

Roger Federer is 10/3 to win a Grand Slam this year with Sky Bet, however back in 1998 when he was using the Pro Staff 85, the odds would have been stacked against the young man from Basel.

His first racquet was used between his debut as a pro until 2001, when he beat Pete Sampras knocking the legend out in the Quarter Final of Wimbledon. Ironically, Sampras was using the same piece of kit at the time.

Hyper Pro Staff 6.1


The lesser known Wilson, Hyper ProStaff

Federer only used this racket in the early stages of 2002 and was the move to a bigger head than 85 inch square. He only used it at one Grand Slam, the Australian Open, which he got to the fourth round.

Later in the year he changed to the 90 square inch 6.0, the head size he’s stayed with ever since. Read the rest of this entry

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