Andy Roddick announces retirement from tennis

Andy Roddick will play his last US Open this year.

It’s official, the 2003 and former world #1 Andy Roddick has announced that he will be retiring from professional tennis after the 2012 US Open. The American called a press conference on his 30th birthday, which I thought for sure that he was going to be reciving a birthday cake, instead he makes this shocking announcement.

Some of the things Andy Roddick said in his retirement announcement:

“Wear and tear and miles is something that’s not an age thing… of my contemporaries, Roger is the only one still going strong.”
“I’m not committed or healthy enough to continue with the sport.”
“These guys have gotten really really really good and I’m not sure with compromised health that I can do what I want.”
“Walking off at Wimbledon I felt like I knew. I couldn’t imagine myself being there another year.”
“I still love the innocent parts of the game. I love hitting tennis balls and the young guys doing well.”
“Whatever my faults have been, I’ve always felt like I’ve never done anything half-way.”

This is really the saddest news I’ve heard all week. Yeah, Clijsters retired yesterday but she announced that earlier in the year. This was totally shocking, Roddick is retiring from tennis. I can’t get over it. I want to cry and wake up from this nightmare. Roddick has always been a staple to tennis, that booming serve, the attitude, just all of him.

It’s really hard for me to deal with this information. Roddick reitres from tennis…I knew it was going to come but so soon? I wasn’t ready, your fans weren’t ready. Tennis wasn’t ready!

Andy Roddick will play his next match against Bernard Tomic, could this be his last match? I sure hope not, since this is his last US Open, I hope that he goes the distance.

Here’s to Andy Roddick, may your retirement be fruitful!

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