Just over 24 hours after Andy Roddick announced that the 2012 US Open was going to be his last professional tournament, the American came out against Australia’s Bernard Tomic. Roddick was greeted by the New York crowd warmly.

I thought it was going to be a tight match. I thought Tomic was going to give Andy Roddick a real test. I was proven wrong. It was an absolute slaughter out on Arthur Ashe stadium. Roddick was very relaxed in all of his service games as well as every return game. There really wasn’t a shot he couldn’t hit in his second round match.

I have to say though, either Tomic was really nervous or he just didn’t try at all. His lazy forehands barely made it past the service line during points. His serves hardly broke the 110 mph in the first set and he challenged pitifully. I don’t think Tomic got a single challenge right all match.

Perhaps Tomic threw the match, or so it seemed. The Aussie was just hardly moving. You could see that his energy never made it with him from the locker room.

Andy broke early in the first, middle of the second and put the beat down in the third set. Tomic was only able to land one single winner in the third, where Roddick blasted 9 winners and 3 aces. That’s all he really needed to hand the Aussie a freshly baked bagel.

Roddick blasted an ace down the middle on match point to take the match 6-3, 6-4, 6-0. Andy will live to see another match. He will face Italy’s Fabio Fogninni.

Bernard Tomic should really use this as a learning experience, as a youngster on the tour, he will have some tough matches. Though, even when a beating is handed, he should not be as testy as he was in the press room:

Tomic presser transcript: asks for reporter’s name (Will Stanton/Reuters), says ominously “I’ll remember you” after Will asked about tanking

Err…what? Twitter exploded after that, here’s a few that I follow:

bernard tomic tweet us open

Bernard Tomic after a Roddick beating

bernard tomic tweet us open andy roddick

Bernard Tomic lashing out in the press room

On a side note, if Andy Roddick manages to win the US Open, I will go streaking with “I [heart] Andy Roddick” across my chest:

Andy Roddick streaking

Tennisthis tweet the streak!

So follow me on twitter and start trending #RoddickStreak, who knows, it just might inspire him to pull out the win.

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