THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED AND THE WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED. Thank you to all who entered; be sure to check back often as the 2014 French Open tennis giveaway is going to be posted soon!

enter to win free tennis gear mystery tennis shirt bundle

A mystery tennis shirt bundle from StickItWear?!

This is your chance to enter to win free tennis gear from your, hopefully, favorite tennis review site. In the past I have done some pretty awesome giveaways; there have been winners all over the world who have won tennis shoes, tennis strings, a Wilson ProStaff BLX SixOne, a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, a Babolat AeroPro Drive, and several other excellent prizes.

For the 2014 Australian Open, I’m going to outdo myself. The prize pack that one lucky winner will receive is quite incredible; I’m actually quite jealous that I can’t enter my tennis giveaway for how sweet and valuable this prize pack is!

Enter to win free tennis gear!

enter to win free tennis gear from tennis this

Up for grabs, 5 reels of string from Victory!

One lucky winner is going to win the following:

  • 1 reel (220 meters) of Victory Acelon Seven 16 (poly)
  • 1 reel (220 meters) of Victory Acelon Advanced 16 (poly)
  • 1 reel (220 meters) of Victory Acelon Wildfire 17 (multi)
  • 1 reel (220 meters) of Victory Acelon Supplemax 17 (multi)
  • 1 reel (220 meters) of Victory Acelon All-Around 16 (synthetic)
  • 1 set of String Advantage Pojie
  • 1 mystery StickItWear?! shirt bundle

That right there is literally over $800 in free tennis gear! This is by far my biggest and greatest tennis giveaway I have ever done since the start of this tennis review site.

enter to win free tennis gear pojie stringbed enhancer

Enter to win Pojie from String Advantage!

One winner sure is going to have enough string to last a lifetime! The strings alone are enough for 68 one-piece string jobs and over 130 hybrid string jobs. Not only that, one lucky winner is going to look awesome out on the courts with a mystery bundle of tennis t-shirts from StickItWear?!, Joe Durica was kind enough to throw in some ultra unique tennis shirts for this contest. String Advantage was also wanted to add to this already impressive tennis giveaway; they are going throw in a set of their very impressive Pojie System that will enhance your tennis game by adding more power, spin, and comfort!

Enter to win free tennis gear rules!

In order to enter to win free tennis gear from, you’re going to have abide by some very simple rules, they’re really not that difficult to follow.

To enter to enter to win free tennis gear, you must do as follows:

  • Your comment must be your current setup (i.e. racket type, string, and tension).
  • You should also share this on your favorite social site (not having a social site does not disqualify you); the more entrants the more fun it becomes.
  • Sign up for my weekly newsletter. SIGN UP HERE
  • You must, and I cannot stress this enough, use a VALID EMAIL address! If you’re selected and I email you and you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll pick a different winner. No exceptions!

Now for all the technical stuff:
This contest is open to the entire world! There will only be ONE winner, man or woman, old or young, no purchase necessary. The winner is responsible for shipping the prize pack; you can chose whichever shipping method you chose, though you will be paying for it! If there are applicable taxes in your country, you are responsible for those taxes!

Entries will close after the end of the 2014 Australian Open men’s final, at which point the winner will be selected.

Good luck and happy hitting!

A special thank you to Victory Racquet Sports, StickItWear?!, and String Advantage for providing all the products for this tennis giveaway!

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