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Since the somewhat shock split between Roger Federer and Paul Annacone, us tennis fans are wondering who, if anybody, will Roger Federer be bringing into his coaching box in 2014.

When Roger Federer brought on Paul Annacone in July 2010 (one month trial) and full time in August the same year, the Swiss amassed more records. Most importantly, his return to ATP World #1 in 2012 with his win of another Wimbledon title.

At the end of a dismal 2013 season for Roger Federer, the Swiss split with Annacone without word as to who will be placed as the coach.

Who could be the best coach for Roger Federer in 2014?

I’ve put together a short list of who could keep the hope of Roger Federer being a serious contender next season alive.

new coach for Roger Federer Brad Gilbert

Photo @ Jacky Cheong

Brad Gilbert - We all know who he is, we know the nicknames he’s given touring players, and we all know what successes he’s had as a tennis coach. He brought Andre Agassi back from the dead; helping Andre win 6 of his 8 major titles.
He coached the last known American male to win a major title, Andy Roddick.
Gilbert has also coached Andy Murray, Kei Nishikori, and most recently Sam Querrey.

What Gilbert brings to the table is that he’s got an edge, an attitude; a bit of aggressive style of play. Something that Roger Federer may be lacking in his career at the moment. I don’t believe that BG will bring anything new tactically, but could help tremendously with the mental game.
Chance of Brad Gilbert as Federer’s coach = 30%

new coach for Roger Federer Jimmy Connors

Photo @ JimmyConnors.net

Jimmy Connors - Who wouldn’t want Jimmy Connors as their coach? The guy is a legend! As a coach, he may be inexperienced though he does offer a lot. Connors’ baseline style of play could improve Federer’s game some. By teaching Federer to be more patient from the baseline and take the ball early from the backhand could get Roger back to winning form sooner.
Connors does also bring a mental component to the game. He could help Federer play more aggressively against strong players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The only worry would be that he may not be an effective coach because his resume isn’t as great as others. Connors only coached Andy Roddick for 19 months and Maria Sharapova for 1 tournament (for reals).
Chance of Jimmy Connors as Roger Federer’s coach = 50%

new coach for Roger Federer Tony Roche


Tony Roche - Why not go back to when the gettin’ was good? Tony Roche served as Roger Federer’s coach from 2005 to the middle of 2007; arguably the time when Federer’s dominance was at its peak.
Initially, Team Federer hired Roche to improve the Roger clay court game, though Roche assisted in 6 major titles and 2 major finals (finals being on clay).
What more could Tony Roche bring as Federer’s coach in 2014 if he were hired? Unlikely anything new, though perhaps Roche maybe able to share a bit of insight to his current game and lend his expertise for the “all around” Federer game.
Chance of Tony Roche as Roger Federer’s coach = 25%

new coach for Roger Federer Andre Agassi

Photo @ Akademan

Andre Agassi - This would be simply amazing! If Andre Agassi agreed to sign on as a coach for Roger Federer, the tennis world would absolutely lose their minds…seriously.
Agassi and Federer have history, specifically on hardcourts. Agassi was nearing the end of his career right when Federer was maturing into his. The two have met 11 times in ATP events with Roger leading the score 8-3; so if anybody knows the Federer game it’s Agassi.
This would be a good pairing because Agassi, as most of us know, has faced adversity in his tennis career…coming back from the dead to complete a career grand slam by winning the 1999 French Open.
Agassi could easily coach Federer to becoming an aggressive baseline player, as well as rebuilding the exploited one-handed backhand that many players target now.

Agassi also potentially adds the mental toughness. The guy came back from a ranking of #110 to #6 by sheer determination, refusal to lose, and by finding his love for the sport again. Talk about having the guts to come out of the trenches like he did; Federer could absolutely learn from that. My vote is for Agassi to be Federer’s coach in 2014.
Chance Andre Agassi as Roger Federer’s coach = 85%

Roger Federer as Roger Federer's coach

Photo @ Doha Stadium Plus Qatar

Roger Federer - Sometimes, in Federer’s case, the best coach can only be yourself. From the end of the 2008 tennis season, Roger Federer essentially coached himself, up until he hired Annacone in 2010. Federer had some amazing successes during that time, 3 major titles which catapulted him past Pete Sampras’ major title record of 14. Federer also, in this coachless time, competed his Career Grand Slam by beating Robin Söderling in the final.

If anybody could coach Roger Federer the best, it’s Roger himself. The only problem I foresee is that he may hinder any progression in his play. It’s not like he’s going to be adding anything new to his arsenal; then again, he may just want to enter the 2014 tennis season with a clear mind and do things his way. It’s worked in the past and could work again.
,strong>Chance Roger Federer as Roger Federer’s coach = 100%

In the end, who is the best coach for Roger Federer?

Like I stated above, I vote for Andre Agassi; if he wanted it. I believe the marriage of these two champions could be a powerful combination of brute force (Agassi) and poetic tennis (Federer). I can only hope that Roger Federer considers a new coach; it would be sad to see the end of the Federer career without a full camp.

Can one of you call Agassi?

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