It is so important to have a great tennis shoes when playing tennis. There are a lot of tennis shoes out there these days and choosing one could be pretty difficult. So which tennis shoes do you buy? Which brand? What features?

Probably one of the most important characteristics to consider when buying tennis shoes, is comfort. You want to have a comfortable tennis shoe because you are going to be running around the tennis court for hours on end.

Shoes have different weights, so finding a shoe that is not too heavy is also key. You will also want to find a durable shoe in case you slide around, the bottom soles will wear out quickly if you do.

A lot of tennis shoe manufacturers are creating a “out sole” warranty, where if you wear out the sole within 6 months, they will replace your shoe for free! Awesome, right? Well sort of, it takes quite a bit of time to get the shoes replaced. You have to send the shoes back to the manufacturer, wait for them to inspect the shoes, and finally the manufacturer will send the replacements (if you qualify). It’s quite a process, but really great if you have a back up pair of tennis shoes (which is highly recommended). Read this article about tennis shoes that carry the six month warranty.

What are some of the top brands of tennis shoes that players, professional and amateurs, wear?

Nike tennis shoesThe the obvious would be Nike tennis shoes. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and many other top 100 tennis players wear Nike tennis shoes. There are plenty of women who are wearing Nike shoes on the WTA Tour. Nike’s best selling tennis shoes are the Vapor series of shoes. Currently (2012), Nike has the Vapor 9 tennis shoes available.

To be honest, I personally do not like Nike tennis shoes. For my feet, they are too narrow and make my feet hurt. The Nike’s tend to run a bit on the small side, so if you are going to buy a pair of Nike tennis shoes, I highly recommend buying a pair at least one-half size larger, to ensure a comfortable fit. I have not seen Nike offer a six month shoe warranty on the Vapor series of shoes; however, the Nike Courtballistec do.

2012 adidas barricade 7.0 tennis shoesLike the Nike tennis shoes, Adidas has a following of their Barricade series of shoes. I have known many players who wear the Adidas Barricades religiously. I think they are pretty nice, they are comfortable, durable, and offer plenty of support. Of course, this is personal preference when it comes to buying tennis shoes. The Barricades do offer a six month warranty.

Whatever tennis shoes you end up picking, make sure they are right for you. It is never easy to tell what shoes are going to fit your feet, so you might have to try out a few pairs until you figure out what is best for you feet.