Boris Becker Bomber 17 tennis string white

Boris Becker Bomber 17

I enjoyed my playtest of the Boris Becker Bomber 17 tennis string. Like most tennis string that I have reviewed, I don’t love the tennis string at first, though the strings do eventually come to life. It is a similar story with the Boris Becker Bomber 17, hate, love, hate.

Boris Becker Bomber 17 review

My intent with the Boris Becker Bomber 17 string was to find a nice affordable tennis string, little did I know that it was going to prove to be nice polyester offering from Boris Becker. I installed the string in my tennis racquet at 50 pounds as a once piece. The stringing process was alright with this stiff polyester, knotting was a cinch and off I went.

My first impression from the first day of playtesting was negative, the Boris Becker Bomber strings felt firm and not forgiving at all. The more I played with the string on the first day, the more I disliked it. The Bomber put very little spin on the ball, and the firmer poly started to irritate my arm. Don’t get me wrong, the Boris Becker string certainly offered plenty of power, hence the name “Bomber.” Even with the power coming from the Boris Becker Bomber , it lacked the all important spin and fell. It was just a stiff, powerful polyester tennis string that hurt my arm.

The second time around reviewing the Boris Becker Bomber string, was actually much better for me. Still, I didn’t love the string but it was a million times better than the first day of reviewing. On the second day, where the strings had lost several pounds of tension, the Boris Becker Bomber 17 gave me some decent play. The strings continued to not provide me a lot of spin; however, the power was very much so still available. The Boris Becker Bomber 17 had a lot of power off the ground, I was able to hit some deep flat groundstrokes. Again, the spin lacked, though the strings felt much softer on the second day. I did not feel much jarring or vibration coming from the strings, so my arm felt much better. To get additional spin from the Boris Becker Bomber 17, I had to really go to an extreme western forehand grip; even then, it was not like some of the spin that I have been able to produce with other tennis strings.

On my third and final day of playtesting the Boris Becker Bomber, I disliked it about as much as the first day. The strings dropped more tension significantly and it just felt awful. The power was still somewhat available, though everything else had disappeared. I could not get any feel or spin on my strokes, and the string started to bother my arm again. At this point, I had played a total of 5 hours with this stuff. The string had started to notch deeply on the mains and it did end up breaking on me (L3).

Final thoughts on Boris Becker Bomber 17

The Boris Becker Bomber 17 is not a perfect string, though for $7 price point, it is a nice offering. It has plenty of pop but lacks feel and spin; ideal for flat hitters. It’s not the most durable tennis string on the market, though it’s worth a try.