L-Tec Premium Black 3S poly tennis string

L-Tec Premium Black 3S

I was fortunate enough to get these samples from Gutsandglorytennis.com. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to even try these particular tennis strings, for two reasons; I’ve never heard of them, and I was told to string them at an extremely low tension of 44 pounds. My Donnay X-Dark Red 94 already provides me with enough power, so I like to string at a higher tension to get some additional control. In any event, I trusted the instructions I was given and went ahead with the program. To get the absolute best playability and performance from the L-Tec strings, they should be strung in a particular method, but I don’t know the method nor did I have the time to send my tennis racquet in for the special stringing method.

L-Tec Premium Hybrid 5S and 3S polyester tennis string review

The sample I was given consisted of two different polyester tennis strings, L-TEC Premium 3S for the crosses (in black) and L-TEC Premium 5S for the mains (in white). Both of these badass tennis strings are shaped for additional spin, bite, and ball pocketing. I have never used an “all poly” hybrid set up before, so I was even more skeptical of these L-Tec tennis strings. I strung them up, which was very very easy, because the strings are softer I did not have to do any pre-stretching, so the whole experience was excellent.

L-Tec Premium 5S silver polyester tennis string

L-Tec Premium 5S

When I finally had a chance to play-test the L-Tec setup, I was quite nervous that I would hate these strings, mostly because of the low tension. I was afraid that I would lose all control, send the ball long, and ultimately lose confidence in my swing. All those nerves and worries literally disappeared the second the first tennis ball came in contact with my stringbed. If there is such thing as tennis magic, then these strings are the key to the magic.

I was blown away by how the L-Tec tennis strings performed for me! I could not believe what I had found, not only was I hitting with power, spin, control, I had never felt so confident and comfortable with a string setup like this. No matter how I hit the ball, flat, heavy top spin, slice, chip, or volley, I noticed the difference in these strings; it was like night and day compared to some of the other tennis strings I had play-tested previously. The L-Tec strings, pocketed the tennis ball like a baby being held by his mommy, gentle feeling; the spin I was able to produce was insane, the pace coupled with the kick allowed the ball to jump up at around the shoulders with acceleration!

That was day one of play-testing the L-Tec Premium strings….

The following two hitting sessions were even better than the first day. These tennis strings kept on giving exactly what I asked for, high performance! The L-Tec strings loosened up just a little bit after my initial hitting session, but it really did not feel like I had hit with them for nearly three hours. I still was able to get tons of pop, feel, spin, and control; again I was amazed at how great this tennis string is! On my third hitting session, at this point I’m about 6 hours of hitting in, the L-Tec started to move around for the first time, though it was only a little movement. I was still hitting with a lot of pace and generating awesome amounts of spin, again, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance from this poly.

I finally cut the L-Tec tennis string from my tennis racquet, I was a little sad because I played awesome tennis from start to finish with this setup. There are so many good qualities in this tennis string that I would absolutely use this setup in a competitive capacity, it helped me build my confidence in my stroke. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the L-Tec Premium hybrid set up that I tried, it’s soft – perfect for the players who suffer from arm/shoulder pain, it’s a textured string – for tennis players looking to get more bite and spin, these hold tension like none other – for the heavy hitting tennis player, and more importantly these strings do not lack control or power – one of the more important characteristics for today’s modern tennis player.

If you haven’t noticed the enthusiasm I have with this particular polyester tennis sting, I highly encourage you to give this and any L-Tec tennis string a test. I promise you will not be disappointed! One of the best tennis strings that I have ever play-tested!

Know that the L-Tec strings that I used is one setup of the many different combinations that are available for every level of tennis ability.