MSV Focus Hex 17l tennis string review

MSV Focus Hex 17L

When it comes to tennis strings, I am a bargain shopper. I like less expensive strings, and I love strings that are cheap and perform! Generally when people think of something that is cheap, the quality is cheap and you won’t get the same performance as something that is twice the cost. That is not the case with MSV’s Focus Hex 17L tennis string. Just because the MSV doesn’t cost as much as other strings, it does not lack the quality of the more expensive brands.

MSV Focus Hex 17L review

The MSV Focus Hex 17L is another polyester string that fall in the shaped string category, shaped to have have edges (or bevels) for more ball bite and spin. The Focus Hex was made for today’s power tennis player while maintaining a soft feeling. Of course, I had to test this out myself and write a review on the MSV Focus Hex.

Stringing the MSV Focus Hex was much easier than I had anticipated, especially with the amount of coil this string kept after I pulled it out of it’s packaging. I decided to go with MSV’s recommended string tension at 53 pounds in a once piece. The crosses were very easy to weave and knotting off the ends was pleasant, the knots tied tight very easily.

On the first day of hitting with the MSV Focus Hex I didn’t like it at all, I thought for sure that I strung it too loose or that the shaped string offered very little for ball response and power. I tried to swing faster to get extra pop, but the strings would not give me what I wanted. I changed to more of an extreme western grip to get more spin, but that too lacked. Even my hitting partner said that the ball wasn’t kicking up as much as it has done with other strings I’ve tested. I had planned to cut the strings out as soon as I got home, but thankfully I got distracted when I arrived and forgot to cut the MSV Focus Hex out.

The following day, I decided to give it another try, at this point the strings were at about 49 pounds, so I expected to lose most of my control. The MSV Focus Hex proved me wrong.

On day two, the Focus Hex came alive! I could not believe that this was the same tennis string that was in my racquet the day before, not only was I able to get tons of pace, I could get all the control that I need to change ball direction at any time. I could hit blistering forehands all day with this stuff, I felt like I could outhit just about anybody, it felt good. The only thing that lacked was the spin, however; the lack of spin was forgotten about with the amount of power I was able to produce. Touch shots came alive on day two, I was able to pick up low passing shots and drop them in the service area practically effortless.

Final thoughts on MSV Focus Hex 17l

The day after playtesting the string,  my arm did not hurt at all! I was hitting the ball really hard and pretty much swinging for the fences, yet my arm did not hurt at all, zero soreness on any part from the shoulder down to my fingers. I am really impressed with this string, MSV has done a great job with this.

You need to try this string, either in a one piece or as part of a hybrid set up. Like the package says, string this at or under 53 pounds, you won’t regret it. Like me, if you don’t like the MSV Focus Hex 17L at first, don’t cut it out right away, give it a chance…you will love it the following day. You can’t go wrong with the price either, for a powerful poly under $8, the MSV Focus Hex is worth a try.