pacific atp poly power pro 16l tennis string yellow

Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro 16L

I’m a big fan of Pacific tennis strings, they have really made a strong effort in creating extremely powerful and durable strings. I really wanted to try their new ATP Poly Power Pro in a 16L, it looks a lot like Babolat’s Pro Hurricane Tour; but they play completely different from each other.

Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro 16L review

Stringing the Poly Power Pro was really quite easy, the string zipped through the grommets, never kinked, and knotted off perfectly. I strung up the Poly Power Pro  in my Donnay X-Dark Red 94 at 59lbs as a full bed. I was looking forward to seeing what the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro 16L tennis string could do. I hoped it played like Pacific’s X-Force tennis string, since that’s a really great playing poly string.

The first few minutes I didn’t really like the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro all that much; it felt a little stiff and the ball was not pocketing enough to let me rip on the ball. However, the minute the strings loosened up a few pounds, I instantly noticed how much better the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro played. I was impressed, very impressed.

I wanted to see how much pace I could get off ground strokes from the strings, so I started cranking on the ball (when it was in my wheelhouse). To be honest, the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro is by far one of the most powerful tennis strings I have hit with in a while. I was hitting with the center of my racquet and the ball would sit on the strings for a split second (pocketing), which allowed me to “carry” it through my strike zone, and then it was in the court, deep with a lot of pace.

I like to hit with spin, so this was the only drawback from the Poly Power Pro. On regular strokes, the ball wouldn’t spin like it would with other strings I have tested. Even when I intentionally added more spin, the ball would not kick up as much, so that was kind of a let down. My theory is, because Poly Power Pro is smooth and not textured like Volkl’s Clyclone or Babolat’s RPM Blast, the ball doesn’t get the extra rotation off the string bed.

The lack of spin was not a deal breaker, but those who are looking for additional spin, the ATP Poly Power Pro is not the string for you. If you are looking for more POWER, then this is the polyester tennis string for you! Once the strings settle in the tennis racquet or you pull lower tension than you normally do, then the strings really come alive and you can instantly tell how much more pace you’re getting.

The strings also maintained tension really well, after my first session, I only lost about 4lbs of tension, which isn’t all that bad – more power right? I decided to keep the strings in my racquet for another session and the strings still had plenty of pop, though feel was considerably lacking; I was still able to rip on the ball and hit deep, penetrating groundstrokes.

Thoughts on Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro string

I highly recommend the Pacific ATP Poly Power Pro tennis string for players looking to get a little extra power and pop off their strokes. If you have some, but not severe, arm issues this should be used in a hybrid with a soft synthetic or natural gut because it can feel a little stiff when making off-center contact. The price point is also well worth a try, $8.