Pacific X Force 17 tennis strings review

Pacific X Force 17

The Pacific X Force 17 is by far one of my favorite polyester tennis strings that I have ever played with. I was first introduced to this poly string by the guy that worked at the local pro shop that I used to frequent. He talked a lot about the power and comfort that this string provided, so I just to try it.

Pacific X Force 17 review

At first I was surprised and impressed by the color of the X Force, it’s listed as a “translucent orange,” but transparent or see through work just as well. It’s kind of a funky color but it really works well in most tennis racquets. I know you can’t judge a book (or tennis string for that matter) by it’s cover but there’s something about the appearance of tennis equipment that we as humans are drawn to.

On the tennis court, the X Force performed exceptionally well, it was really powerful and crisp. I was pleasantly surprised how the Pacific X Force spun the ball on every spin shot I attempted. When hitting topspin forehands, I could really feel the ball sit on the stringbed for a long time (even when strung at 58 pounds) which really ripped the ball into that forward rotation that is essential for heavy top spin. I noticed how much pace I was able to produce with the Pacific X Force 17, I was taking some major swings at the ball trying to find the point where the ball would go long, but with this string, I was able to hit hard flat balls when I wanted and hard top spin when I needed.

When I needed to hit some low skidding slices, the Pacific string performed about as good as I could have asked, the ball would explode off the strings with lots of pace and back spin that kept the ball low over the net and would just skip off the court – similar to a stone being skipped off of water. Playing at net, I again was extremely impressed by the touch the Pacific X Force provided. Deep penetrating volleys were not a problem and touch or drop volley’s were so pure I was thrilled.

I always pay close attention to how my arm feels during and after play. The Pacific X Force string I reviewed, left my arm feeling pretty normal. There was nothing that stood out when playing with this string other than the immense power that this string provides and my arm feeling a little sore just from taking big cuts at the ball. So, I consider the Pacific X Force 17 as an arm friendly polyester tennis string.

Because this string is a little stiffer – very little – than some strings, stringing wasn’t that bad but it was a little annoying when pulling string through the amount of times I would “kink” the string. I wanted to string the Pacific un-stretched, so the string would maintain it’s power on the first 20 minutes of hitting. Tying off the knots was easy with a simple O.U.T. (Over, Under, Through) knot.

The Pacific X Force lasted longer than I had imagined, after a full hitting session and 5 tie breakers, the strings still maintained decent tension, enough to play another couple hours. After the string’s prime was gone, it played OK, I did notice the strings began to lose feel and pop but they would not break. A definite plus for tennis player looking to get a good run with their tennis strings.

Overall thoughts on Pacific X Force 17 strings

The X Force string is one of the more powerful tennis string I have reviewed so far and I’m confident that you will enjoy this polyester string as much as I have. You know it’s a good string when it’s hard to get, and that can be one of the problems with obtaining this tennis string, it’s out of stock more often than not. If you get a set, I promise you will enjoy it.