Prince Poly Spin 3D 16l tennis string review

Prince Poly Spin 3D 16l

Add this Prince Poly Spin 3D into the “textured tennis string” pile, and that’s the reason why I wanted to playtest this particular polyester tennis string. Like many of you, I too strive for more spin off my groundstrokes; which is why I tend to review tennis string with some shape (other than round) to them – because they offer “more access to spin.”

Prince Poly Spin 3D tennis string review

In any event, I thought the idea that Prince had with this string was pretty genius; take a normal round string and attaching three thinner gauged strings equally distanced from each other around the “core” string. You follow? As much as I enjoy the theory of what Prince was trying to do, I think the execution was a but under par, the Prince Poly Spin 3D was a pain to string, the coils held much longer than I like. At times, I found that I was getting kinks in the string. I strung the Poly Spin at about 10% less tension than I would normally – 54lbs for those of you who want to know.

Actually hitting balls with this string in my tennis racquet was quite fun for the first hour and a half; my heavy hitting tennis partner said on a couple of shots that the ball would jump up really quickly and away from his body – that’s always a good sign. I did notice, within that first hour of play, the string moved around quite a lot.

One of the better characteristics I noticed with the Poly Spin 3D, was the amount of ball pocketing, I found that the harder I made contact with the tennis ball, the better pocket I would get from the string. I felt the ball ‘sitting’ on the stringbed longer than some of the other shaped strings I’ve playtested. However, when I would slow my swing down to get a little extra control, I notice the Prince Poly Spin 3D would feel extremely stiff and it seemed like the ball was ricocheting off the stringbed. So this is clearly a more suitable polyester tennis string for big hitters and those with fast swings.

I also noticed that in the third hour of playtesting the Poly Spin 3D, the 3D or ‘shape’ of the strings became worn down where I make most contact. So that pretty much throws durability of the main attraction of this string out the window. So instead of having a raised edge, it became rounded and smooth, I was not expecting that at all. The effect of the rounding was very noticeable, I was unable to get the spin that I got in the first couple of hours, and the strings became increasingly stiffer, I wasn’t happy with the Prince Poly Spin 3D at this point.

Prince Poly Spin 3D 16l conclusions

Now, don’t take my Prince Poly Spin 3D string review as all bad! Like I said, I liked the string for the first couple of hours, but after the two hour mark, these strings were virtually unusable. I do love the way the strings look in my tennis racket…it’s like they have a glassy coating which looks pretty clean. Again, this is perfect tennis string for a serious tournament player who uses strings for an hour or two then cuts them out or a player who is willing to sacrifice their arm for a quite powerful poly with good spin…at first.