As we have arrived to the end of the 2010 tennis season, we wanted to look back at the tennis year and pick out 10 of the hottest female tennis players currently on tour. The selection process was extremely difficult, however we think we have narrowed it down to a good list.

Let’s start from the bottom:

Samantha Stosur Tennis HottieComing in at #10 is Australia’s Samantha Stosur. She is on the list not only because she is an excellent tennis player, but she is a for sure a tennis hottie! She has some beautiful blue eyes and a very toned build (perhaps that is an understatement) that make her a winner on our list of tennis hotties of 2010. In 2010, she reached the finals at Roland Garros where she lost to Fancesca Schiavone. In the same year, Stosur won Charleston. Known for her double specialty, Stosur is making her mark on the tennis circuit as a singles player.

Klara Zakopalova 2010 tennis hottieHolding the #9 position is Karla Zakopalova. Coming from Prague, Czech Republic, this hottie is ranked 41st in the tennis world. We had to find a spot for this tennis hottie, just look at her! She hasn’t done much as far as playing good tennis on the WTA tour, however; during her tennis career she has won herself 2 tour titles. We hope to see a lot more of Karla cause she is a tennis hottie.




2010 Tennis Hottie Elena VesninaElena Vesnina has landed the #8 spot on our list. Elena holds this spot because she’s just hot, what can we say? With long flowing blond hair and those long legs, she sure is a standout on the tennis courts and the tennis tour. She does not have a powerful tennis career yet, having not made it past the 2nd round of a major tennis tournament. Although she does have a couple of wins under her belt in tennis doubles, playing mostly with other Russian tennis hotties.

Daniela Hantuchova 2010 Tennis HottieSecuring the #7 spot of 2010 Tennis Hotties comes Daniela Hantuchova. Here we have another hottie on our list, Daniela has been making waves in the tennis world by not only looking good but playing some good tennis! Daniela has not had a stellar year in 2010, losing many first, second, and third round tennis tournaments. You can’t look at her and not think she is a beauty, standing at close to 6 feet and weighing in at a lean 137 pounds. We are happy to have her on our list of tennis hotties, as it is well deserved for her.


Tennis Hottie of 2010 Gisela Dulko#6 of our list of tennis hotties is Argentine Gisela Dulko. Gisela is one our favorites, though that’s mostly because she comes from Argentina (we are not based in Argentina but we are partially blooded Argentine). In 2010 Gisela has a mediocre tennis season, not having won any tennis titles in singles but won a title in doubles at the Bogota tennis tournament. Gisela is one of the shorter tennis players on tour, standing at a mere 5 foot 7 inches, but she certainly packs a powerful punch on the tennis court. Gisela has been lingering the top 100 female tennis players since 2004 and we do not foresee her leaving for quite some time.


2010 Tennis hottie Timea BacsinszkyAt the half way point, we have #5 Timea Bacsinszky. This Swiss Miss is one of the younger female tennis players on this list of hotties, but we are sure glad she’s on tour. During the 2010 tennis season she did not perform well at the major tennis tournaments, however; she did the quarters at Barcelona. We will give her the benefit of the doubt for her poor tournament play because she is still young and has only been playing the pro tour for a handful of years. We will certainly keep an eye on her tennis game, but surely we will be distracted by her hotness.

2010 Tennis Hottie Vera ZvonerevaHere at #4 on our top 10 tennis hotties of 2010 arrives Vera Zvonereva. If you know of Vera’s tennis talent then you know what is coming…aside from being super hot, she has quite a temper. She had a major meltdown at the 2009 US Open, where in the 4th round, she pretty much just started blaming her bad tennis on everything but herself and pathetically lost to Flavia Pennetta. Now, since then she has proven herself quite a bit on the tennis court, making the final at the 2010 US Open, where she lost to defending champion Kim Clijsters. She is the #4 tennis hottie for a reason, look at her, such a beautiful smile, beautiful blue eyes, and a hot tennis body. We are happy to have her on our top ten list this year.

Caroline Wozniacki Tennis Hottie 2010The #3 tennis hottie is current ranked #1 in the world, Caroline Wozniacki. Oh Caroline, where do we begin with you? You certainly can prove yourself on the tennis court and clearly you can present yourself extremely well in a gown (judging by the picture). The world #1 had been kicking some major butt on the tennis circuit, however; she also has become a fashionista of tennis with her remarkable outfits on and off the tennis court. The only reason she is not higher on the list is because of her 2010 US Open nail polish color…tennis ball yellow? Um, yeah, gross. Besides that, the Dane has been working extremely hard to gain popularity for not only being a fabulous tennis player, but to be an icon for tennis fashion working with Adidas and Stella McCartney to create tennis fashion that will make an impression on the tennis court. Sorry Caroline, for not putting you at the top of our list, it would have been well suited since you are the world #1, however; we just couldn’t get you all the way up there. Perhaps in 2011?

maria sharapova tennis hottie of 2010At the #2 spot is of course Maria Sharapova. We couldn’t have a list of tennis hotties without Maria Sharapova! Ok, so this was a really tough choice between Sharapova and the #1 spot this year, it’s so hard to calculate hotness and tennis dominance, so we just had to put her at #2. Sharapova is a staple in tennis hotness, fashion, and tennis performance; she has been a 2 time grand slam champion and a fashion icon. Sharapova has set the stage for tennis fashion with her sparkly dresses and revealing outfits on court. Off court she has also been deeply involved in fashion, having her own clothing line and fragrance for women everywhere to get their hands on. The former #1 tennis superstar is on this list for obvious reasons where men, boys, and even some women obsess over her, too bad everybody as you know already, she’s taken by Los Angeles Lakes Sasha Vujacic, yeah they are engaged too. It was almost painful to put Sharapova at the #2 spot, but you will know why we did when you see the #1 tennis hottie of 2010.

Ana Ivanovic number 1 tennis hottie of 2010Topping our list of tennis hotties of 2010 is Ana Ivanovic. Just so you all know, putting Ivanovic over Sharapova was extremely difficult, however; we are sure this was the right choice. Obviously, Ivanovic could be a model instead of a professional tennis player, however; we are thrilled that she chose tennis instead (other wise we wouldn’t know who she was). Just look at the beauty she has bestowed the tennis world! Dark hair, sparkling smile, fabulous physique, decent tennis game, and yeah a sexy accent! No list would be complete without Ivanovic. We put her at #1 spot mostly because she is simply stunning. She also has a pretty good tennis game winning the French Open and a finalist at the Australian Open in 2008. Holding the world ranking of #1 back in ’08, she dominated the tennis headlines with her beauty and tennis game, however; in 2010, she had a mediocre year not really doing well in majors and entering as a wildcard in a few other tennis tournaments. Currently she is ranked #17 in the world but she states that 2011 will be a promising year for her. So, congratulations to you Ana Ivanovic, you are our #1 Tennis Hottie of 2010! Keep up the good work on the tennis court and keep up the good looks!

Well readers, there you have it, that’s the list of the top 10 tennis hotties of 2010, please keep in mind, these are our own opinions and you can judge the hotness of the ladies as your own.

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