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Rafael Nadal trying to recover from injury

Alright, what’s the deal with Rafael Nadal? I haven’t seen him play a single competitive tennis match since the 2012 Olympics, where he did get a beating by Rosol.

Since then, Nadal has pulled out from the Olympics, where he was to defend his 2008 Olympic gold medal from Beijing. After announcing his absence from the Olympics, Nadal announced his withdraw from the 2012 Rogers Cup in Toronto, Canada. And now, just today, Rafael Nadal announced that he will not be playing the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, also known as Cincy.

Nadal made this announcement on his Facebook page, “Hola a todos, un nuevo mensaje para anunciar algo que no me hace feliz, pero lamentándolo mucho no participaré en el torneo de Cincinnati la semana que viene. Sigo sin estar en condiciones para participar. Tengo muchos seguidores allí y recuerdos inolvidables como el de 2008. Continúo con mi recuperación y entrenamientos. Gracias!

Hi all, another message to announce something that definitely doesn’t make me happy, but unfortunately I won’t be competing at the tournament in Cincinnati next week. I am still not ready to play. I have many fans in Cincy and unforgettable moments such as 2008. I am continuing with my recup and practice. Thanks!

So, Nadal is still having knee troubles? Perhaps he’s still tired from the clay court season? Maybe he just wants a little vacation? Who knows, it might just be a combination of all of it.

Rafael Nadal’s injuries

Nadal, who is no stranger to being forced to pull out of tournaments and even retired from matches. If you recall, Rafa Nadal retired from the 2010 Australian Open Quarterfinal against Andy Murray. Nadal has always suffered from knee problem. Especially the last few years. Nadal’s aggressive playing style is the root of his injuries, he’s fast and chases balls around when playing, though he’s now paying the price. Nadal has also been vocal about the length of the tennis season, saying there are too many mandatory tournaments and how he and many other players would prefer a less demanding tennis season.

I do believe that Rafael Nadal’s points will be protected by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) due to medial reasons – am I right?

Missing an entire month of competitive tennis could very well be detrimental to his chances at the 2012 US Open. All these tournaments could have been good practice leading up to the final major of the year. On the other hand, it could also be a blessing in disguise for the Spaniard, giving him plenty of rest while the rest of the ATP gets worn out by playing all these tournaments. So, Nadal could end up being the fresher of the tournament and potentially win the whole thing.

What do you guys and gals think? Is Nadal’s playing style only shortening his career? Should he play a different style? Should the ITF shorten the season to prevent player injuries such as this?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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