Roger Federer WIlson tennis racquet blacked out

What is he wielding?

We all know that the king of tennis, Roger Federer, plays with a Wilson tennis racquet; but the billion dollar question is which Wilson tennis racquet is Federer actually playing with? The blacked out frame is about as majestically as a Big Foot or a Unicorn.

It’s been ages, really it’s been about 9 months, since Roger Federer announced his switch to a new larger Wilson tennis racquet. Though he left out key details about what he was using; in fact, he didn’t really give any details other than the larger head size.

Wilson tennis is taking too long to deliver

I’ve spoken with several people on this matter, “What is Roger Federer using?” Nobody seems to know! I’ve talked to quite a few insiders (Wilson tennis reps), some players on the tour, and some stringers in the 1% of stringing; literally nobody knows.

Interestingly enough, Roger Federer has vanished from the Tennis-Warehouse Wilson tennis brand page: check it out

The moment that Wilson releases anything about this Dark Knight of a tennis racquet, their stock is going to skyrocket, though they’re really taking too long already to deliver the product. The public wants it; players have hand fulls of cash ready to throw at Wilson tennis, just to emulate what one of the greatest tennis players to have ever graced a tennis court is holding as his weapon of choice. Seriously, the sheeple don’t care what it is or what it plays like, or even if it gives them the worst case of tennis elbow they’ve every had, THEY WILL BUY.

Does this mysterious Wilson tennis racquet even have a name?

All I know is that there was a meeting recently at Wilson to discuss names for the frame. I don’t know anything else, I promise!

Though if I were in that meeting, I would have to guess the following three names were at the top of the heap:

1. RF1 (my personal favorite)
2. ProStaff 17
3. ProBlade

Whatever it is, Wilson is missing out on buckets of money; the longer they wait to release any information on this frame the higher the chance of tennis players worldwide will lose interest in what it is (not likely though…).

Is there a projected release date for it?

I’ve only heard a rumor that Wilson plans on releasing this bad boy around (before, during, or after) Wimbledon 2014. That’s all I know. There’s not even a paintjob for the darn thing, though I wouldn’t mind it remaining matte black, it’s super cool.

In all seriousness, Wilson tennis needs to release this frame ASAP; they’ll be hauling truck-fulls of money to the bank.

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