If you have ever thought to make your tennis game better, then Jack Broudy’s Online School of Tennis is the place to start. I’ve been through the lessons and have spent a lot of time talking with Jack and learning about his method of playing tennis, you can read my experience here.

This is going to be the place where anybody can leave a question for Jack Broudy, which he will answer in video form himself! So if you have questions about how to change your game or have been struggling on a specific shot, ask your question in the comments section below and I’ll have Jack share his thoughts and demonstrate a solution specifically for you! It can be anything from a high backhand; forehand issues, more powerful serving; volleys, or just about anything else you might struggle with on court.

Who is Jack Broudy? Here’s a quick bio:
Jack Broudy has been instrumental in the development of several Southern California champions. He’s been the mentor to thousands of tennis pros and players World-wide – particularly those wanting a more scientific alternative to conventional “tips, drills and repetition” approach. Jack has worked with the winning teams at USC and Pepperdine, as well as winning coaches Peter Smith, Nick Bollettieri, Emilio Sanchez, Todd Dissly, Tim Snaible and Steve Johnson Sr.

He has also worked in the developmental stages with champions Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson, Abigail Spears, Warren Wood and Steve Forman among countless other top-ranked Juniors. He has spoken at several USPTA conventions and college tennis and golf teams. He is author to The Real Spin on Tennis and director of Jack Broudy’s School of Tennis, the only online tennis course.

Broudy has recently completed his Online School with a complete curriculum and certification on his patented tennis teaching method, based on physics. His next goal is to challenge the minds of pros and players alike, to understand that the natural tennis strokes can be duplicated, by anyone if they have a clear understanding of the geometric theories inherent in them.

Broudy has unlocked the mystery of the natural strokes in tennis, as well as all the “throwing” sports, through the science of infinity.

So, go ahead and ask your questions below in the comments and I’ll work directly with Jack on answering them through video.